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And now, the dream final tennis fans had hoped for when favorites Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic were upset in the first week is going to happen Sunday night in Rod Laver Arena. What's at stake is bigger than just Federer-Nadal XXXV, or even the Australian Open title. There's also history to play for: If Federer wins, he'll add an 18th Grand Slam trophy to his career record total, putting distance between himself and his rivals. If Nadal wins his 15th, he'll pass Pete Sampras for sole possession of second place on the all-time list, and pull tantalizingly close to Federer's 17. ''The historical context of that match, whether it becomes 17-15 with the French Open next, or 18-14, that's such a big difference in the historical march for both those guys,'' former U.S. Open champion Andy Roddick told The Associated Press in Melbourne this week. ''That might be, as far as history goes, the biggest match ever in Australian Open history and maybe Grand Slam history. What's at stake there is beyond what pretty much any player can comprehend.'' The magnitude of the moment is not lost on the players themselves. ''Rafa's definitely presented me with the biggest challenge in the game,'' Federer said after his semifinal win over U.S.