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It allows almost no time to come up with alternative accommodation. Colvin said homeless shelters did not have the capacity to cope with a large number of people who had been evicted under laws allowing for zero days notice. People would be left in quite disastrous circumstances if that were to happen, she said. Colvin said the proposal, one of many listed in the options paper on the Residential Tenancies Act released in January , would also disadvantage landlords because tenants would have no incentive to remedy damage or rent in arrears. Eviction from private rental properties is a key cause of homelessness in Victoria, Colvin said, and people renting at the lower end of the market already accept rent hikes, poor living conditions and unrepaired damage because they are afraid of being kicked out. Thats where you see people in really unsatisfactory rental options because they just have so few options, she said. Often in that circumstance people will accept basically whatever is offered and people end up renting a shed out the back of someone elses house or renting a place that does have a rat infestation or has mould. Other changes proposed in the options paper include setting a minimum standard for rental properties, setting a specific legal requirement that a property be fit for habitation and capping lease-break fees at two weeks rent in cases of hardship or when a person has been accepted into public housing. The proposed changes in the options report were suggested in consultation with landlords and tenants and will be considered by the government in drafting the updated Residential Tenancies Act, which is expected to be introduced in parliament in 2018. Related: 'I'm a beautiful person': Melbourne's pilloried homeless people speak Colvin said introducing minimum housing standards would improve conditions for the poorest renters. Under Victorias current rental laws, there is no enforceable minimum standard setting out what she described as things essential to basic standards of living such as natural light or doctor home loan australia Oak Laurel secure locks.